View of 3 people across the road herding cattle


Three Generations of the Myrin family have built the ranch to its current state. We are now selling quality Utah raised Natural Grass Fed Beef direct to the public.

Our ranch is located near the southern slope of the Uintah Mountains and has a diverse makeup. It consists of irrigated and spring-fed meadows, hay fields, wild river-bottom and dry pasture land.

We practice sustainable production methods and work hard to improve the land resources and minimize use of fossil fuels.


We raise Red Angus base cattle. The calves are born in the spring and spend their time grazing on the ranches green meadows and pastures. A portion of the cattle spend their summer on nearby Forest range. The cows are brought home from the forest in the fall and the calves are then weaned. The cows are on the ranch during the winter where they graze stockpiled forage and are fed hay as needed.


Canyon Meadows Ranch provides habitat for a large variety of wildlife ranging from mule deer and elk to turkey, waterfowl and beaver.